Google added job function in its search engine

New features appear on desktop and mobile search, only in English. Use the new features to enter only information, such as “near my job”, “writing position” or similar information, the search results page will display a new job search plugin, allowing you to view a lot of job opportunities. You can further refine the requirements, for example, you can only show full-time work. When you click to get specific information about a job, you can see Glassdoor or Indeed rating the relevant company.

You can also according to the industry, location, information release time, the employer to filter the job. If you feel that the search request is just right, you can open the “notification” function, when the new job in line with your personal requirements, the system will automatically notify you.

Nick Zakrasek, Google product manager for the project, said: “Looking for a job like a date, everyone has a unique request that only one person can get the job.”

In order to create a comprehensive list, Google first of all employers in the major job sites posted duplicate information removed, and then machine learning training algorithm to view information, to information classification. Job search sites often have some information to mark, to help the search engine to understand, let it know what the content is recruitment information.

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