Interpreting Amazon and Google’s Price War

Finally, Amazon and Google in the smart home market price war broke out, has been high on the Echo and Google Home have been approaching the $ 100 price level. However, from China’s IoT first platform – graffiti intelligence said that Chinese enterprises may become the biggest beneficiaries.

In early June, Apple WWDC2017 announced the price of $ 349 HomePod will be listed at the end of the year, it was speculated that the market at the end of the outbreak of the price war, did not expect the New Year, the price war on the fight. First Amazon will be the original price of 179 US dollars Echo fell to 139 dollars, while expanding the price gap with Apple HomePod at the same time, approaching Google’s Google Home; but Google is not simple, Google home quickly adjusted to 109 dollars, the decline has reached 20 US dollars, while approaching the critical line of $ 100.

In this way, Apple’s HomePod is very embarrassing, and do not say the price of 349 US dollars to Echo 2.5 times, Google Home 3 times, from the end of December in the three major markets listed for half a year, then if Amazon and Google will be cruel to its products down to 100 dollars, the consumer’s choice will be significantly inclined to the latter two.

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