Google has introduced a new VR video format

When you look at 360-degree video, do you have to think about it when you do not want to look back or even look around? It does not matter, you are not a person, and now Google also thought of this problem, so they introduced a new video format “VR180”. From the name can be seen, the new format of the new video only half of the original 360-degree video perspective, users appreciate the content only need to pay attention to the immediate things.

Although the viewing angle is halved, the VR180 format video still needs to be recorded with two ultra-wide angle 180-degree cameras. The new format will support high resolution. VR180 by the Google Tray VR team and Daydream team jointly launched, Daydream is with Lenovo, LG and small ants cooperation, the corresponding camera products will be listed this winter, Google will also open to third-party manufacturers equipment certification program.

Speaking of VR180 format itself, in the general plane screen, the user can see the 180-degree video center position, and the viewing angle will not change, and if you wear VR glasses, the user can turn around to see the center position outside the screen, The video boundary is displayed in black.

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