Amazon and Google are attracting top academic scientists

Nathan Price, now deputy director of ISB, which works for Providence Medical Services, says four out of a group of researchers have recently left Amazon, Google and Microsoft.

Price has found a way to follow the trend, rather than to the Institute of outstanding biologists and bioinformatics title and struggle.

“We are asking talented researchers to spend a few years with us and develop some cool things before they are hired,” he said in an interview.

Technology companies are demanding, these companies are competing to cloud computing and machine learning to 3 trillion US dollars in the medical market. For example, ISB uses Amazon Web services and Google’s cloud technology on a variety of projects.

“As technology companies sign contracts with large health systems to manage the growing and most sensitive data, they need employees to understand specific topics such as protein networks and genetic networks,” he said.

In the ISB, co-founded by genetics pioneer Leroy “Lee” Hood, researchers have gained engineering knowledge through the acquisition of engineering courses from educational websites such as Coursera to improve their scientific knowledge.