LG is expected to achieve better robot navigation and VR tracking

Augmented Pixels invented a new technology that uses computer vision navigation, and LG Electronics announced that it has developed a 3D camera module for assisting robots based on this technology. Augmented Pixels is a computer vision research and development company headquartered in Palo Alto, California, which calls this new technology SLAM technology, the so-called SLAM technology, is based on camera and laser radar two visual technology for 3D modeling, to help objects In the unknown environment inside the positioning and tracking, to avoid drift, which is the key to intelligent machine walking movement.

The company is working on the technology used in robots, unmanned aerial vehicles, and AR and VR equipment. The 3D module can also be used for AR and VR head and outside the track, which means that the head will be able to use the camera to identify their own location. LG has developed a compact module consisting of stereo cameras, IR and airborne processors designed to take into account both low power and superior performance. In addition, it can be customized for different hardware platforms and use cases. Augmented Pixels provides software for autonomous navigation (obstacle avoidance, semantic recognition of point cloud, etc.) based on its specialized SLAM technology.

In order to strengthen its virtual reality products, Adobe from the VR software company Mettle acquired SkyBox technology. Mettle 2015 launches SkyBox plug-ins for Adobe Premiere Pro CC and Adobe After Effects CC post-production and complements Adobe Creative Cloud’s existing 360 / VR movie production technology. The technology is also used in the New York Times, CNN, HBO and YouTube. As part of the terms of the acquisition, Mettle co-founder Chris Bobotis will join Adobe as a professional video director. “This is an important step in our partnership,” Bobotis said in a statement. “Adobe has been strengthening Creative Cloud’s VR and its applications in recent months. In November, it announced several updates, including a new 3D design application update and three new Android applications, as well as a series of desktop and mobile device updates. “We believe that virtual reality content should be as simple as possible for creators,” said Steven Warner, vice president of digital video at Adobe. “The acquisition of Mettle SkyBox technology enables us to provide a more integrated VR editing and performance experience for the film and video community.”