Waymo submits new evidence to the court

According to the United States famous technology media TechCrunch reported that Google (microblogging) Waymo recently submitted to the court a new document, claiming that before Uber acquired Otto, former Uber CEO Travis Kalanick (Travis Kalanick) Already know that joining Uber’s former Google engineer Anthony Levandowski (Anthony Levandowski) hands have Google’s technical secrets.

Legal action between Uber and Google Waymo continues. Waymo recently filed a document declaring that in March of last year, Travis Kalanik knew that Anthony Levandovsky had Google’s technical secrets.

Anthony Levandovsky created Otto, an unmanned truck start-up company. After Otto was acquired by Uber, Anthony Levandowski joined Uber and became head of the company’s unmanned department.

Waymo in this new document quotes Uber’s response to Waymo on June 8, which has the following words:

“On March 11, 2016, Levandovsky reported to Uber’s Kalanick, Nina Qi and Cameron Poetzscher and Lior Ron that he had confirmed that he had five CDs containing Google’s technical information. “