The Best Artificial intelligence Up to Now

Oshua Bengio never sideline. As one of the three leading figures in the depth of learning the depth of the artificial intelligence, he has become a superstar to some extent. Artificial intelligence is an emerging field, and if you bring people from technology companies, multinational corporations and even the Department of Defense to a room, everyone will want to share their views on this topic.

But the other two leaders have long been engaged in the industry, Yann LeCun and Geoffrey Hinton had joined Facebook and Google, and now 53-year-old Yoshua Bengio chose to continue his third floor in the Montreal University campus teaching and learning. “I want to keep a neutral position,” Bengio said, drank a bit of licorice water, his desk filled with a wide range of documents, it seems chaotic.

Like the nuclear physicists of the last century, Bengio understood that the tools he was inventing were unparalleled in power and needed careful consideration and extensive consideration before it could be introduced. “I do not want to have one or two companies – here I will not name – the only big player in the transformation of artificial intelligence,” Bengio said, lifting the eyebrows, suggesting that we all understand what he said is the two companies The Left eyebrows said Menlo Parker (Facebook location), the right eyebrows that Mountain View (Google headquarters location). “This is no good for researching the community and is not good for humans.”